Objectives of the Association

While the overriding objective of the Association would be to develop manufacturing industries in the country, the other primary objectives of the Associations are to:

  1. Act as a platform to discuss with the government and related agencies and resolve issues and problems constraining the growth of industries in the country
  2. Review relevant Acts, Rules, Regulations, Procedures, incentives of Bhutan and other countries and make appropriate recommendations to the government and would facilitate in the growth of industries in the country
  3. Study industrial policies of other countries through participation in forums- domestic, regional and international and derive ideas and methods that would contribute towards growth and development of industries
  4. Make appropriate recommendations and suggestions to the government on policies, procedures, regulatory and other pertinent matters in all the related areas intended to create an enabling environment for growth and development of industries
  5. Liaise with government, public and private agencies, Associations, Federations, Confederations, and other legal entities located within and outside the country in areas that are interest to the Association
  6. Support industries in the affairs of their businesses through promotion of good governance, labour rules and regulations, fair and transparent procedures
  7. Support government in preserving environment through promotion of environmental friendly production systems and techniques
  8. Promote, protect and safeguard the interest of manufacturing industries in Bhutan from undue external and internal influences

Purposes of the Association

  1. Create a conducive and vibrant environment in the country that fosters the growth of industries, both private and public industries through dialogue with government and other agencies on issues that otherwise constrains the growth of industries
  2. Create a common platform whereby the members could raise their concerns and issues to one single reference (Association), which would scrutinize, validate the concern/issue so raised and submit for necessary action to relevant government/private agencies as the case may be
  3. To improve and maintain image of industries in Bhutan through promotion of sound managerial operational, environmental and financial practices amongst the members